The Student Grief Zine was written and designed by Anna May with contributions from seventeen young adults in our community.

It is a collaboration between The Student Grief Network and The New Normal Charity, and has kindly been funded by the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust.

We want to normalise the conversation around loss, build more nuanced understandings, and create compassionate spaces where people can connect and move through grief in whatever way feels right to them.

The Student Grief Network

SGN connects students and softens the impact of grief in universities by raising awareness and providing a range of avenues for support - from staff training to online resources, creative projects and events.


The New Normal Charity

TNN connects adults through their grief and mental health through simple, open conversations. They have peer-support groups for different communities like Queer Good Grief, Black and Brown Good Grief, It’s Complicated, Boys Talk, Partner Loss and more.


Some of the artwork in the zine was gathered through a series of summer workshops in 2023, and some was submitted by our community. See below for a full list of contributors, with much gratitude:

Charlie Matthews
Natasha de Beneducci
Fole Fowowe
Cathy Wardle
Rosa Kirwan
Ela Furgalska
Jay Lewis
Daniel Larkai
Tyron Kerns
Josephine Helen
Rachel Wilson
Jemma Timberlake
Charlotte Lapsa-Brown
Andrew Durham
Robyn Nalty
Ollie Howitt

This project has been kindly funded by the Angus Lawson Memorial Trust.

© Copyright Anna May, The Student Grief Network & The New Normal
The Student Grief Network 
The New Normal Charity 
The Angus Lawson Memorial Trust