What next? If you’re struggling with grief, here are a few things that might help:

Connect with others:

We host Student Good Grief, a free online peer-support group, twice each month. It’s an informal alternative to therapy, led by students and grads with personal experience. If you’re not a student, check out The New Normal’s other support spaces, or the social meet-ups with Let’s Talk About Loss.

Read, watch, listen:

There are a whole range of resources on the SGN website, Instagram, and YouTube, from practical tips on managing grief, to student stories. Podcasts are another easy starting place - we particularly love The Grief Gang with Amber Jeffrey and Life After with Theo Silberston.

Channel your grief:

Get in touch if you’d like to channel your grief for a good cause by sharing a skill, running your own project, or helping us fundraise. You could run somewhere, walk somewhere, sew something, bake something... Or, you can simply donate via either of our websites, linked below.

The Student Grief Network

SGN connects students and softens the impact of grief in universities by raising awareness and providing a range of avenues for support - from staff training to online resources, creative projects and events.

studentgriefnetwork.co.uk @studentgriefnetwork

The New Normal Charity

TNN connects adults through their grief and mental health through simple, open conversations. They have peer-support groups for different communities like Queer Good Grief, Black and Brown Good Grief, It’s Complicated, Boys Talk, Partner Loss and more.


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